Critical Boiler Parts that are Best Replaced with Reconditioned Components

13 June 2019
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As an HVAC contractor, you should always be ready for calls from customers seeking emergency services, mainly if you deal with boilers. However, while your role is to ensure that your client's boiler is running optimally, any replacement parts must also make financial sense. It is because some boiler components can easily be replaced by reconditioned parts, while others pose a challenge. Understanding this will help you to make the right decision that works for your customers regarding the replacement of damaged boiler parts is concerned. This article highlights a few pieces that are best replaced using reconditioned parts. 

Ignition PCB 

At the heart of modern boilers that function electronically is the ignition printed circuit board (PCB). For example, air pressure sensors send a signal to the PCB, indicating that the fans are functioning optimally, thereby ensuring safe ignition. Therefore, when the PCB malfunctions the incidence calls for immediate replacement. Unfortunately, while it might seem that the best option is to buy a new ignition PCB, the component doesn't come cheap. The best alternative is to get your client a reconditioned ignition PCB. Some sellers will even accept a damaged ignition PCB in exchange for a reconditioned one, and at a discount. Ultimately, you get a bang for your money if you buy a reconditioned boiler ignition PCB than a brand new one. 

Heat Exchanger 

It is another vital component in a boiler that doesn't come cheap. Heat exchangers are mostly built using robust materials due to the nature of the role. However, that doesn't mean that heat exchangers are immune to damage. Therefore, if you are contracted to replace a faulty heat exchanger, some factors will help you to determine whether your client should buy a new heat exchanger or a reconditioned one. If your client wants a customized heat exchanger, then a reconditioned heat transfer is best. It is because HVAC design specialists can be engaged to recondition a heat exchanger to meet specific demands. 

Boiler Fan 

A common misconception about boiler fans among boiler owners is that the fans are designed to cool down heating components in the system. The misunderstanding might explain why most people take the fan in their boilers for granted. Notably, since the fan's primary function is to push flue gases out of the system, the fans should be replaced immediately with a reconditioned part. It is because fans are continuously turning, and this wears them out fast. Most importantly, reconditioning will add to the structural integrity of the original component. 

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